Watch our video guide on how to upload ingredients in Sapaad:

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Ingredients are raw materials used in the preparation of food items. Sapaad allows you to build recipes in minutes with its super-easy-to-use recipe manager. Add ingredients, create sub-recipes, tweak quantities, perfect your recipes, and instantly see the effect of ingredients on the cost of your menu items.

To upload ingredients:

Step 1: Visit Setup > Inventory Setup > Ingredients & Sub Recipes.

Step 2: Click the Upload Ingredients button.
Step 3: Click Download our sample CSV file.

Step 4: Enter your ingredient details in the same format as that of the sample CSV file and save it on your computer.
Step 5: Next, visit Setup > Inventory Setup > Ingredients & Sub Recipes.
Step 6: Click the Upload Ingredients button and click Choose File.
Step 7: Choose the saved ingredient file from your computer and click Upload.