To get started with the Inventory module, you must first configure your ingredients in Sapaad. To configure your ingredients:

Step 1: Upload the ingredients of your menu: How to upload Ingredients.
Step 2: Then, add sub-recipes: How to add a Sub Recipe.
Step 3: Next, add recipes: How to add a Recipe.
Step 4: If you sell finished goods (i.e. items that are bought from the supplier then sold to customers), add them to your inventory: How to add a Finished Good.

Once you’ve completed the above steps, enter the current stock you have on hand by doing a stock take: How to do a Stock Take.

After you’ve completed a stock take, the final step is to enable the “Track Stock” feature. To enable this:

Step 1: Visit Setup > Location Setup.
Step 2: Select the appropriate location and click on General Details.
Step 3: Finally, select the Track Stock? checkbox and click Update.