Watch our video guide on how to add an ingredient in Sapaad:

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Ingredients are raw materials used in the preparation of food items.

To add a new ingredient in Sapaad:

Step 1: Visit Setup > Inventory Setup > Ingredients & Sub Recipes.
Step 2: Click the Add Ingredient button.
Step 3: You'll notice the Ingredient Type selected by default is Ingredient. Enter the name, description, category and measurement unit of the ingredients. Note that the measurement unit selected should be the same unit in which you want to use this ingredient in your recipes.
Step 4: Enter the Purchasing Details - Buying Unit i.e. the supplier packing unit, Buying Unit Value i.e. the total weight of the ingredient (in the recipe unit), Net Weight Value i.e. the weight of the actual goods or drained weight (in the recipe unit).
Step 5: Enter the details of your Suppliers - supplier name and price i.e. the purchasing price of a buying unit. If you have more than one supplier, select the default supplier for this ingredient.
Step 6: Enter the Opening Balance of the ingredient i.e. your current stock on hand.
Step 7: Enter the Reorder Level i.e. the quantity below which this ingredient is low on stock and you would need to raise a purchase order to your supplier.
Step 8: Select the Track Inventory checkbox to ensure that the inventory for this item is tracked at your location.
Step 9: Click Save.