Watch our video guide on how to add sub recipes in Sapaad:

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Sub-recipe is also known as semi-processed or semi-finished goods which are prepared in large quantities, stored, and then used in a recipe as per the order.

To add a new sub recipe in Sapaad:

Step 1: Visit Setup > Inventory Setup > Ingredients & Sub Recipes.
Step 2: Click the Add Ingredient button.
Step 3: You'll notice the Ingredient Type selected by default is Ingredient. Change the selection to Sub Recipe. Enter the name, description, category and measurement unit of the sub recipe. Note that the measurement unit selected should be the same unit in which you want to use this sub recipe in your recipes.
Step 4: Under the Sub Recipe Ingredients section, type in the first ingredient used in the sub recipe in the search field and hit enter. Enter the quantity of that ingredient used.
Step 5: Repeat Step 4 for all ingredients used in this sub recipe.
Step 6: Enter the Opening Balance of the sub recipe i.e. your current stock on hand.
Step 7: Enter the Reorder Level i.e. the quantity below which this sub recipe is low on stock.
Step 8: Select the Track Inventory checkbox to ensure that the inventory for this sub recipe is tracked at your location.
Step 9: Click Save.