Before activating Quiqup Connect, make sure you've completed the following:

1. Get Master Account Details from Quiqup (Billing Identifier of each location, Account Key, and Account Secret).
2. Subscribe to Sapaad Connect.

Once you've completed the above requirements, you may enable Quiqup Connect by doing the following:

Step 1: Visit Setup > Sapaad Add-Ons > Sapaad Connect.
Step 2: Scroll down to Logistics Partners and click on the toggle switch below Quiqup Connect.
Step 3: Click Settings.
Step 4: Fill in your Account Key and Account Secret provided by Quiqup.
Step 5: Select the locations you wish to enable Quiqup Connect for.
Step 6: Specify the Quiqup Billing Identifier, Pickup Contact Person, and Pickup Contact Number for each location.
Step 7: Finally, click Save.