Sapaad Direct is a QR code-based contactless ordering solution designed exclusively for restaurants. Let your customers enjoy the ease and convenience of a contactless order and pay experience from their own phones!

Before you go live with Sapaad Direct, please be sure to complete the following prerequisites.

1. Add beautiful food images and descriptions

You can add awesome styled images of your menu items by editing them under Setup > Menu Setup. The recommended image specs are 800 x 800 pixels in JPEG or PNG format with a maximum file size of 6 MB. Here are the recommended item images specifications.

We also recommend adding descriptions to each item so your customers can easily navigate your menu offerings.

2. Enable card payments

If you wish to accept debit/credit card payments from your customers, you will need to take an account with a payment gateway in your country. Note that a payment gateway is mandatory if you're running a dine-in restaurant.

For details on the contact information of a payment gateway representative in your region, please contact