To set up QPay payment gateway for Sapaad.Online:

Step 1: Create and activate a QPay account.
Step 2: Log in to and visit Setup > Sapaad Add-Ons > Sapaad.Online Settings.
Step 3: Under the Payments tab, select QPay.
Step 4: Click on the checkbox against Enable and fill out the Title (e.g. Credit Card).
Step 5: Enter the Gateway ID and Secret Key found on your QPay dashboard.
Step 6: Select the appropriate checkboxes as per your requirement.
Step 7: Under Payment Mapping, select the appropriate mode of payment (e.g. Online Paid). To learn how to add a new payment type, click here.
Step 8: Click Save.
Step 9: Finally, under the Synchronize tab, click Save.

Note: Ensure that your website and online ordering store is secured by following these steps. If your online ordering store is not secured, you will not be able to accept online payments.