Stock Take is a physical counting of stock at your location. This ensures that your store is well managed, food costs are tracked, and inventory consumption is in check. You can do a stock take at your location daily, monthly or every fortnight.

To do a Stock Take: 

Step 1: Visit Inventory > Stock Takes.
Step 2: Click the New Stock Take button.
Step 3: Enter the physical stock count and click Submit for Review.
Step 4: Once the stock take is submitted for review, the stock on hand will freeze. To review the Stock Take, go to the Under Review section.
Step 5: Click the Review button against the stock take.
Step 6: The staff reviewing the stock take can either reject it by clicking the Reject button, or update and save it by clicking Save, or update and mark as complete by clicking Complete. If the stock take is rejected, then the stock on hand will be updated taking into consideration the stock receipts and issues during the time period the stock take was under review.
Step 7: To auto reconcile a completed stock take, go to the Completed section.
Step 8: Click the Open button against the stock take to be reconciled and do the due diligence at your location to account for any discrepancies between counted and theoretical stock.
Step 9: Once done, click the checkbox against the items you want to reconcile under the Auto Reconciled column and click the Auto Reconcile button. The counted stock then becomes the opening balance.