Sapaad Direct is a QR code-based contactless ordering solution designed exclusively for restaurants. Let your customers enjoy the ease and convenience of a contactless order and pay experience from their own phones!

Here are the steps to set up Sapaad Direct:

1. Set up your Direct Store

1. Log in to your Sapaad account with your credentials.
2. Visit Setup > Sapaad Add-ons > Sapaad Direct Settings.
3. Go to the Primary Settings tab > Primary Brand Color and pick a color to match your brand identity.
4. Go to Company Logo and click +Add to upload your logo image.
5. Go to Domain Name and type in the URL for your store. You can leave the field empty if you do not have a domain.
6. Click Save.


2. Set up Payments

If you wish to accept online debit/credit card payments from your customers, you will need to take an account with a payment gateway in your country.

To set up a payment gateway:

1. Visit Setup > Sapaad Add-Ons > Sapaad Direct Settings.
2. Under the Payments Types tab, select the appropriate payment gateway tab.
3. Key in all the details.
4. Click Save.

Our supported payment gateways include:

QPay (Coming Soon)
DPO (Coming Soon)
Payrix (Coming Soon)
Worldpay (Coming Soon)
Adyen (Coming Soon)

For details on the contact information of a payment gateway representative in your region, please get in touch with


3. Add General Announcement

With Sapaad Direct, you can easily display non-marketing messages on your digital store. Let's say, "We'll be closing at 9 p.m. due to a private event."

To create a General Announcement:

1. Visit Setup > Sapaad Add-ons.
2. Go to Sapaad Direct Settings > and click on the Announcement tab.
3. Enter your announcement in the General Announcement box.
4. Click Save.


4. Set up your menu

1. Visit Setup > Location Setup.
2. Click on the appropriate location.
3. Go to Self Ordering Systems > Sapaad Direct.
4. Click on the Menu tab.
5. You can click on the category to get to your menu item or type in your menu item in the Search Dish box.
6. By clicking on the Availability box, you can decide which items will appear in your Sapaad Direct store menu.
7. Click on Save Category.


5. Add Marketing Announcements and Advertisements

1. Visit Setup > Location Setup.
2. Click on the appropriate location.
3. Go to Self Ordering Systems > Sapaad Direct.
4. Go to the Marketing tab.
5. Type in your Marketing Announcements, for example, "Get 10% off on Signature Pizzas. Every Wednesday."
6. For Advertisements, click +Add to upload your ad image. Ad images must be 650 x 500 pixels and formats at .JPG or .PNG.
7. Click Save.

Now that you have completed all the steps, you're ready to Generate a QR.