Timeout screen appears when the Sapaad CDS has been inactive for some time.

You can place ads and images or post important messages for your customers on this screen.

To add an image in Timeout Screen:

1. Login and enter your credentials to your Sapaad account.
2. Go to Setup > Location Setup > Your location.
3. Go to Printer & Peripheral Settings.
4. Go to CDS > under Timeout Screen, click on Display Type and choose Image from the dropdown.
5. Click +Add Image and add the image you want.
6. Click Save.

The image specification for the Timeout Screen are:

Image: 2048 x 1536 pixels
Aspect Ratio of 4:3
Image Formats .JPG or .PNG

To add a Timeout Screen Message:

1. Click on Display Type and choose Text.
2. Type your message in the Timeout Screen Message box.
3. Choose your message Background Color and Text Color.
4. Click Save.