To add a scheduled discount to your online store:

Step 1: Visit Setup > Location Setup.
Step 2: Select the appropriate location.
Step 3: Select Menu Management Surcharges and Discounts > Order Discounts > Add Order Discount.
Step 4: Enter the details of your discount.
Step 5: Under Enable For, select e-Order.
Step 6: Scroll down to Discount Schedule and select the days for which you want the discount to run (e.g. every Monday). Under Specific Dates, set the date range for which the discount will be offered (e.g. the month of December or during the summer break). Under Specific Time, set the timings of the discount (e.g. during lunch hours). You can schedule any combination of days, dates, and times. For example, say you're offering a Happy Hour discount every weekday between 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the month of December. 
Step 7: Click Save.

Once enabled, log in to and visit Setup > Sapaad Add-Ons > Sapaad.Online Settings. Then, select the Synchronize tab and click Save.

Note: This feature is available on