Introducing a new menu item or special offer? Promote it with a beautiful banner displayed across the top of the screen.

When a customer clicks it, it goes directly to the Item or Category; it's a great way to attract attention and drive sales.

To post an Advertisement:

1. Log in to your Sapaad account with your credentials.
2. Visit Setup > Location Setup.
3. Choose the appropriate location.
4. Go to Self Ordering System > Sapaad Direct.
5. Click on the Marketing tab.
6. Scroll down to Advertisement and click on +Add.
7. Upload an image that is 650 x 500 pixels by clicking on Choose File.
8. On Link to, select Item or Category, and use the Search box to choose the specific Item or Category you would like to link to this ad.
9. Click Save.

Here are the recommended ad specs.